Travel with pioneers of flat rate cab in Sherwood Park

Not many people know that Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi are the pioneers of flat rate taxi concept in the Sherwood Park area. When people were paying high for Uber or other metered taxi, we brought about a new revolution of sorts by bringing down the cost of traveling through premium cars and experienced drivers.

Earlier, most of the people had to pay through their mouth for traveling in style by premium cabs. The charges of personal taxi were very high. This is where we thought of bringing down the cost of traveling to meet everyone’s purse. We have a fleet of vehicles which can meet any type of requirement that our customers may have. We have special vans for disabled people and we take upmost care when they are traveling with us. Our drivers always try to give a little bit more when any person with any sort of handicap is traveling.

Also, in case a minor or a lady is traveling solo, we are very particular for their comfort and safety. We want them to be comfortable and relaxed during their journey and try our best that they have a pleasant journey with us.