Exploring Canada With Sherwood Park Taxi Services

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Exploring Canada With Sherwood Park Taxi Services

Tourism is the most consequential activity among the people of the country to enwrap themselves in the beauty of the place. Tourism of Canada is known for its culture, diversity historical sites, and national parks.  Canada has its variety of incredible places which plausibly attract the tourist from different regions. 

Extravaganza is a word that stands for the cities in Canada i.e Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and many more. The range of natural wonders is the exposure to the experience of the tour through the eye of the traveler. Canada has a prominent heritage over the French culture.  The experience of the tour shows the celebrative events and festivals on the Canadian land.

Canada is all about exposure. The journey begins from India and the destination is the most celebrative city Canada. Half covered forest land Canada is having more to explore.

I reached Canada, me and my friends we very excited to visit the places in Canada so we decided to book a hotel and then try to take a cab but there was no taxi available so My friend google and saw Sherwood park taxi services so we booked and start our journey. So here the bucket list of Canada starts from the best places through the eye of a viewer.

First, we reach Niagara fall which had an eye-pleasing and elegant view. Such a relaxing experience. The next destination is ours is a Whistler, a hub, and ski resort perfection. At Olympic park activities like ski jumping, snowboarding, snowshoeing are offered the experience is all about adventure on snow. Next, we reached the capital city of Canada, Quebec city authentic lively french Canadian culture is on its peak and also known for its cobblestone street, European architecture, and rich history. This city explores the french tradition and the European part present in its essence. 

Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi
Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi

Next, we hired Sherwood park cab and way ahead to the western route of Canada. Where our first destination was Banff National Park, some sort of adventurous activity i.e ranging from hiking to canoeing, skiing through the sunshine village. Lake Louisa is a treat to watch and having a real eye feast with extraordinary turquoise water with the combo of hiking and biking and further enjoy the natural beauty.  Next Yoho National Park or Glacier National Park has to visit for waterfall and renowned fossil site for the nautical organism. The weather is of summer and wants to explore more in the winter season.

It was the last day of the trip but I can’t come over from the vibes of that place we don’t want to come back but at last, we reached the hotel and hired the Sherwood park cab for back to the pavilion via Edmonton International Airport.  The conclusion of the experience was just mesmerizing having more to explore and relaxing through the mind. 

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Best Taxi Service During Covid-19 Pendemic

It is during pendemic situation such as Covod-19, when our neighborhood comunity has fundamental transportation needs, that our company, Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi, and our committed staff individuals, and our drivers adapt to the situation. The traveler ground transportation industry in the Sherwood park, Canada has been resolved to be “Basic Services”, and we have been giving taxi administrations 24×7 since the pandemic was reported.

This helps our country in reacting to the danger of COVID-19 by permitting a huge number of expert taxi vehicles, drivers, and care staff be prepared to aid any route conceivable during this worldwide pandemic.

​Our industry is particularly crucial at this crucial point in time in the COVID-19 emergency. While some in the overall population may see our industry as just giving a transportation wellbeing net (i.e., a reinforcement plan to their vehicle and additionally open travel), taxi, uniform, non-crisis clinical, paratransit, and different administrations offer basic types of assistance for various reasons, particularly given the current and foreseen wave of “cover set up” or “remain at home” requests and warnings. We securely help our networks, and a great many travelers for each year, in various basic ways.

Sticking to All Safety Measures and Guidelines

• Frequent cleaning and sterilization of surfaces oftentimes contacted by workers and travelers, including gear, computerized interfaces, for example, touchscreens and unique mark scanners, vehicles, and offices to lessen the danger of COVID-19 among representatives and travelers.

• Implemented approaches and techniques that strengthen sound cleanliness works on, including strategies to give adequate chances to representatives to rehearse solid cleanliness and to guarantee vehicles and offices are fittingly cleaned.

• Ensured rehearses are reliable with all appropriate direction and data gave by the Centers to Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to guarantee the proceeded with security of travelers and workers during this public crisis.

• All drivers approach covers, disinfectant splash containers, and gloves.

• All interior staff have been given covers, gloves, and disinfectant for all work stations.

For more details about our taxi service in Sherwood Park, Canada feel free to contact us at details given blow
Address: Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi
1039 Allendale Cres. Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0P5, Canada
Phone No. : 7804694222
Map Direction : Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi

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Safety Precautions During Coronavirus – Book Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi

Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi, we care for your protected travel. The pandemic has gotten the world in a free for all with a total suspension of all our day by day exercises. Presently right around five months into the lockdown, we are anticipating continuing our administrations post August by giving dependable and safe taxi administrations for development over the state just as the nation.

cab Sherwood park
cab Sherwood park

We, at Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi, are charmed to have the option to continue our administrations in Green, Orange and Red zones (crisis travel with pass), and help individuals in critical need of safe private vehicle. We intend to restore simply in the wake of conveying careful steps to handle the spread of COVID-19. Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi needs to guarantee you that your security is our duty. This is what we might want you to know:

How would we give safe taxi administrations?

To stop the spread of COVID-19, Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi assumes liability for your sheltered travel, subsequently we have followed the significant prudent rules gave by WHO. Our severe and thorough measures are our little activity to help contain the spread of Coronavirus and we just solicitation your participation and backing. This is what we are doing to furnish your with safe taxi choices:

  • There is a bottle of hand sanitizer inside each vehicle for our riders, on the off chance that they couldn’t obtain one for themselves.
  • When each ride, our driver-accomplices are prepared to clean the vehicle and make it a protected space for every traveler going with us.
  • We take additional consideration in broadcasting out the entirety of our vehicles when each excursion to wipe out all odds of transferable contamination.

Coronavirus security precautionary measures taken by drivers

Our driver-accomplices are the substance of what Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi conveys, as an assistance. We need to help and help our drivers and furthermore guarantee that their wellbeing isn’t undermined. We can perform better just when our drivers are protected and solid. This is what we have guaranteed from our end:

  • Our driver accomplices have been given hand sanitizers and face veils to make the vehicle a protected and secure space.
  • We have likewise furnished our drivers with disinfectants to assist them with cleaning the vehicles after each ride.
  • Simply after concentrated and thorough preparing in close to home and taxi cleanliness, our driver-accomplices are doled out rides.

If it’s not too much trouble note, our drivers are told to follow social separating for your just as their wellbeing.

How would we guarantee client well being ?

To have the option to serve our clients during occasions such as these is an obligation we need to deal with most extreme consideration and devotion. When going with us, assist us with controling the spread of Coronavirus by:

Flat Rate Cabs and Taxi-client obligation

Conveying a convenient COVID Travel Kit containing an individual face veil, a hand sanitizer and a bed sheet to cover the seat with. Despite the fact that our seats are sterilized after each ride, we despite everything demand you to eliminate all purposes of potential contacts. Thusly you are guaranteeing your own security, yet in addition the wellbeing of the driver and next rider.

  • For a zero-contact ride, we demand you to stack your baggage in the boot of the vehicle.
  • Utilize a hand sanitizer when your ride.
  • We are in this together. When riding with a driver, be delicate and aware of their wellbeing as well. Enquiring about their wellbeing and prosperity will go far in building up this affinity.
  • Keep up a sheltered separation among yourself and the driver.
  • Discard any tissues or bits of fabric that you may have utilized external the vehicle.
  • According to master rules, we don’t suggest running the AC constantly during the excursion. If you somehow happened to utilize the AC, it would be ideal if you guarantee that it is run in the recycled mode and the windows are brought down at regular spans.

For more details please feel free to contact

Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi
1039 Allendale Cres.
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0P5

Stay Safe. Travel Safe.


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Experience the Comfort of a Classic and Professional Cab Service

The first thing you should do when choosing a top cab company is to consider the cost. You should be able to get great rates, regardless of where you are going. A top cab company knows how to get you there without breaking the bank.

A regular customer service has been designed and it works. You’ll have a driver that is on call at all times of the day to make sure that you get to your destination safely and on time.

So, what makes a Sherwood Park Cab & Taxi stands out from the rest? They offer a fantastic fleet of classic and new vehicles. Not only that, but they also know what types of vehicles are best for any specific type of trip.

For example, a Sherwood Park Cab company understands that it’s not necessary to travel by train if you are taking a scenic route. It’s also not necessary to travel by bus if you’re traveling to the suburbs. In fact, if you do travel by train, then you might want to reconsider.

A full service limousine will arrive at your destination to make sure that you get to your destination at the time you want. They understand that even if you’re moving at a fast pace, you may still want to stop off somewhere and relax. It’s nice to know that.

cab Sherwood park
cab Sherwood park

Sherwood Park Taxi – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi offers such services as intermodal transportation. That means that their vehicles are capable of accommodating any style of vehicle.

Sherwood Park Cab Company will also make sure that you get to your destination on time. This makes it much easier to get to your destination when you don’t have to rush your way there. If you’re late for work, then you need to be aware that it’s going to be even more difficult for you to get to your destination.

You should also get the sense that the car you’re traveling in is a chauffeur-driven vehicle. This makes it easier for you to relax in a comfortable environment and enjoy the drive. It also makes it easier for you to relax while you wait for your driver to arrive.

Many people choose to take a Sherwood Park Cab Company for the convenience that they offer. It’s easy to pick up and drop off your car when you’re traveling.

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a Sherwood Park Cab Company. You can also get the sense that they are friendly drivers that care about the time you spend. With all of this being said, you’ll want to look into a top cab company.

These are the things that you’ll want to consider when you are taking a business trip to and from a destination. The top cab company offers top quality service, great prices, great vehicles, and a personal touch to ensure that you get to your destination on time and that you enjoy your experience.

Flat Rate Our Cars

Reasons for Hiring Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi

When people try to think of reasons about why they need to hire a taxi, they may come across many points but this also creates confusion up to some level. These confusions may include, which taxi service to go for or whether the taxi service chosen can deliver the work we need it to do. Going through this blog can give some insight about how to choose Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi for travel and how.

Sherwood park cabs
Sherwood park cabs

The most important reason for people traveling in Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi is to enjoy the ride. When one is moving on his own, it is almost impossible for the person to enjoy the ride, but in a taxi, one gets immense time to do this. Secondly one does not needs to spend a lot amount of time in learning the routes. Our good taxi driver does know all the routes and can help in door to door service. It would also be the sole responsibility of our driver to make you reach safely at the destination.

Another advantage for traveling in Sherwood Park Cabs – Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi would be the cheapness of service. Traveling in a taxi from a taxi service would be comparatively cheap than moving in an independent taxi owner or moving in personal vehicles. One need not worry about additional expenses as because Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi not going to charge you anything else that the actual fixed price which would make the travel a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Another reason for hiring Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi rather than waiting for an independent taxi would be the saving of time. When you are moving from one place to another, just give a call at (780) 469-4222 to book Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi and we would be sending a taxi to your location. Within that time, you can just pack up your items and get ready to move out. Our best service to provide a taxi at your service in mostly within 20 minutes.

These are just a few from the many reasons for hiring Flat Rate Cabs & Taxi. Even after going through all these points, it depends upon the sole decision of the individual, to whether go and wait for a taxi to come on or just make a call at (780) 469-4222 to book taxi service and we would be sending a taxi at your service.

For more details please visit at our office Address: 1039 Allendale Cres. Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0P5 Canada or click here google map Sherwood Park Cabs

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Why Choose Sherwood Park Cab for Taxi Hire

Sherwood Park Cab

Why Choose Sherwood Park Cab for Taxi Hire

When you are sick and tired of existing public transports, for the unsatisfactory travel experiences on a repeat mode or looking for Sherwood Park Cab to make your travel enjoyable, we at Sherwood Park Cab extend our cab services to offer you glitch-free journeys wherever you choose to travel. Our wide variety of cabs rendering successful journeys throughout the city make sure that the distance between you and your destination gets covered within the possible minimum time limits. Our Sherwood Park Taxi and cabs have thus won the positive appreciation of passengers for creating impeccable travel tales with punctual and luxurious services.

Affordable and Economic

Whether you board on to our Sherwood Park airport taxi or a usual cab, at Sherwood Park Cab there is a never a compromise on economic journeys. We love to make your journeys beautiful and successful.

Punctual Cab Services

Timely services along with complete support extended by the driver are what separate us from other cab services of the city. Sherwood Park Cab will help you to reach your destination on time.

Flexible Payment Methods

We accept all kind of bank cards. You don’t have to carry cash whenever you book a taxi. All the cabs at Sherwood Park Cab are equipped with Debit Machines. We also accept e-transfer and other kind of payment methods.

Corporate/private accounts

Make your guests feel privileged with a cab to receive them personally on any occasion. If you are hosting a party or arranging corporate meets & are looking for prearranged cabs / Private Taxi for your guests or employees, Sherwood Park Cab offers the best services.

Pet Taxi Service

Are you looking for a Pet taxi service in Sherwood Park for your pet to go to the vet or for grooming? Then you are at the right place, call us now for safe and worry free ride for your pet. 

En`route To Happiness with Sherwood Park Cab Services

Travelling to destinations spread across the city may pose to be colossal hurdles without the presence of a proper vehicle. Our Sherwood Park Cab Services are perfectly aimed to make your journeys special in every manner without the cropping of any undesirable interruptions. With our bunch of services, we have become the most reliable shoulders to entrust on when it comes to travelling across the locations of Sherwood and Edmonton. Before you make the dive for our cab booking provisions, take a quick tour through our plethora of services extended.

Flat Rates, Economic Travels

We love to befriend our passengers through affordable rates. With no hidden charges or any additional taxes, our flat rate cabs are perfectly suited for you when you are looking forward to make a travel in the most affordable manner.

Luxurious yet Inexpensive

Who says luxurious necessarily needs to be expensive? When you are out for your luxurious tours across the city, call for our limousine, BMW or Mercedes Service.

Hassle-Free Payment Facilities

Sherwood Park Cab guarantee impromptu generation of bills and hold provisions for credit as well as debit card facilities.

Tech-Savvy Drivers for Smarter Journeys

Being smart is the trend of the season and we cannot our passengers to miss out any experience while they venture out. Therefore our special coterie of drivers is equipped with finest GPS Tracking systems along with walky-talky as well as other radio systems. 

Taxi Service

Flat Rate Battery Boost $19 anywhere in Sherwood Park

Taxi Sherwood Park

We at Taxi Sherwood Park understand that choosing to fly to or from Airport can be an expensive and stressful affair if you chose to drive yourself or your guests. Gas, parking fee, and traffic are just of the many things that make it not worth taking your vehicle to the airport. But with Taxi Sherwood Park, we offer a wide range of car choices that will perfectly fit all your guests and luggage to ensure that you all have a comfortable ride as our vehicle fleet feature spacious minivans. And for first-time visitors in city, you will be delighted to know our drivers also offer the traditional meet and greet service for those who would want to be met at the arrival lounge with a name board display. Furthermore, we offer flat rates to and from the airport to ensure you don’t incur extra costs that you may incur from traffic gridlock which is a common phenomenon as you make your way towards Airport.

Taxi Sherwood Park Deliveries

Hiring a taxi for transport purposes is one thing; while hiring the same cab for delivery services is an entirely different thing. Not only is it difficult to find a cab company that provides the service same, but there is also the aspect of trust. Fortunately, Taxi Sherwood Park offers a comprehensive computerized dispatch system that aids in doorstep pickup and delivery based on clients’ requests. This computerized dispatch system automatically generates a unique code that automatically tracks and identifies parcels that can you can always pick on your preferred location upon request.

Flat Rate Battery Boost $19 anywhere in Sherwood Park

Dead battery? Taxi Sherwood Park is available for a hassle free flat rate battery boost service anywhere in Sherwood Park and area. With the largest fleet of cabs in Sherwood Park, we have the ability to get to your location in 20 minutes or less. Whether you are home or on the road, calling our dispatch will get you a battery boost service vehicle coming your way in no time. Once our crew is on-site, within about 10 minutes your vehicle gets the safest & efficient boost to get you going. In majority of the cases we are faster than tow trucks and ALWAYS way more economical with our $19 flat rate. Call us when you need a boost in Sherwood Park.

New & Clean Vehicles

With quality being the core objective of our business, Taxi Sherwood Park ensure that clients get quality services that are second to none to give them a value for their money. As such, all our vehicles are new, clean, and well-maintained to ensure that you all get a smooth ride.

24X7 Service

Regardless of the time and day you want to use our taxi service, we are always available to meet your transportation needs. 

Business Services Flat Rate



Sherwood Park Taxi is Sherwood Park’s leading provider of taxi services.  The three fundamental pillars on which Sherwood Park Taxi services were founded are health, efficiency, and professionalism. Our organization boasts an outstanding customer service team, qualified to the highest possible levels as well as drivers with years of experience and clean driving records under their names.

So when you call Sherwood Park Taxi’s service, you can always expect to find a friendly and helpful operator who will help you to order cabs irrespective of your schedule i.e., if you need one as a matter of urgency or plan to book one in advance. We would usually also have a blunt estimation of the arrival time of the cab and as such, we advise our customers to make an early reservation to ensure that they have a cab at the perfect time they want.

Sherwood Park Taxi business is not limited to the corporate market niche alone, as we also represent a wide variety of customers including school kids, senior citizens, airport fliers and errand runners.

We are committed to delivering second to none customer service and using top-class well-maintained cars to perform what the Sherwood Park residents and tourists expect us to do.

Sherwood Park Taxi Services


For first time visitors in city, the last thing you probably want is being taken for a ride by a swindling cab driver who might end up charging extra than a fair amount. We at Sherwood Park taxi understand that some areas experience heavy traffics and as such, we offer our customers flat rates as the typical meter rate is likely to inflate during traffic.


Corporate accounts are ideal for those who book taxis on a regular basis to avoid driving through city that may be sometimes be frustrating due to congestion, limited parking facilities, road restrictions just to mention a few. Thus, opening an account will always ensure that you are able to access taxis 24/7/365 without so much hustle which can be tracked by our telephone operator. 


We have now expanded our taxi services to include a fleet of luxury cars with personable drivers, keeping in mind the luxurious atmosphere of the earlier days. Our cars give users VIP treatment. With quality being our core business aim, we ensure our customers get quality services that are second to none.


You can either use cash or credit cards or debit cards when making payment for our cab services.


Our taxi drivers have undergone all the requisite background checks and what’s more, they are extremely friendly and courteous.


Available in Sherwood Park Area, Sherwood Park Taxi offer corporate accounts to our regular customers that come with comprehensive packages designed to match everyday usage.


Students and Senior Discounts are provided for Sherwood Park Residents .We give discounts to senior citizens as a way of giving back to the community as corporate social responsibility.

Sherwood Park Taxi is the biggest taxi fleet in Sherwood Park and Area.

Taxi Service

Sherwood Cab Services: Why choose Sherwood Cab services?

Sherwood Cab Services

Who doesn’t love to hit their ideal destinations within the shortest time span, that too in the company of a polite and cooperative driver. At Sherwood Park cabs, we know all the important demands a traveler looks forward to on his journey. Hence we boast of some unique features that make us top of the passenger’s list of favourites when it comes to travel experience.

At Sherwood Park Cabs, it’s no longer an issue planning your journeys.

The Team

Professional Drivers: Our family of Sherwood Park taxis boasts the involvement of some of the seasoned drivers who are professional enough to meet your transportation needs without interruption. Their familiarity and excellent experience with the Sherwood and Edmonton roads allow them to be selected as trustworthy travel companions. We currently stand as a family of 4500 active drivers.

Versatile Car range: Our car hosts never fail to fit your list of requirements. If it’s the limousine, Porsche, Toyota or the BMW, we’re a trustworthy shelter to any car supply. Our areas of expertise has been to include Luxury vehicles. If you need an airport taxi for a flight or a limousine for a corporate function, without fail we have the exact provision to suit your needs.

Why choose Sherwood Cab services?

Flat Rate Cabs:

We’re working to make your travel experience the most affordable at Sherwood Park cabs and so our flat rate cabs take care of any pocket limitations. These are the best cabs to invest when hunting for low-cost luxury travel with completely affordable fares.

For our avant-garde plans for all sorts of cab essentials we share a family of 2000 satisfied and delighted customers. Indeed our business chain is special to us.

24×7 Services:

Nothing will stop us from being your round the clock travel buddies. With exceptional car and driver availability we will get you to your destination whenever you want. All you need to do is make a reservation and we are right at your door to take you out for the trip.

Prompt arrival to airports:

Have you had a flight to catch and run out of a proper vehicle? Count on our Sherwood Park airport taxis, which are specially built without a minute’s delay for your easy access to airports.

If it’s an ordinary four-wheeler or an exceptional limousine, our airport cab booking services make sure you get to your destination early. Punctuality is our central operational element.

Tech-Savvy Drivers for Better Journeys:

Being smart is the season’s theme and we can’t skip any experience for our passengers when they head out. Hence Sherwood Park Taxis’ unique driver coterie is fitted with the finest GPS monitoring devices, along with walkie-talkie and other radio systems.

Flat Rates, Economic Travels:

The team at Sherwood Park Cabs enjoy making our passengers comfortable through reasonable rates. With no hidden costs or extra taxes, our flat rate cabs are well suited for you when you’re looking forward to the most convenient way of driving.

 Luxurious but Inexpensive:

Who says luxury has to be expensive? Call for our limousine, BMW or Mercedes service when you’re out on your luxury tours around the area.

Hassle-Free Payment Facilities:

At Sherwood Park cabs, we guarantee impromptu bill generation, and also keep credit and debit card provisions.

Business Services Flat Rate

Cabs Sherwood Park: Delivery services in Sherwood Park

Cabs Sherwood Park

Get ready for the most glorious travel experience with Cabs Sherwood Park where our workers are dedicated to providing trouble-free transportation. Cabs Sherwood Park is one of Sherwood Park, Alberta’s prime cab services. Security, timeliness and affordability are our company’s three primary driving principles. We sell cabs only at 10 $at very small and flat rates in Sherwood Park. As a local cab service provider, we have not restricted our cab services, but we also skillfully serve other areas that include cabins to Edmonton, Strathcona County. We sell different cab services from Sherwood Park cab to airport, and from Fort Saskatchewan to airport.

We offer cabs to airport at a remarkably best flat rate. We also supply cabs from Saskatchewan to Edmonton, Ardrossan to Edmonton, and from Ardrossan to Edmonton. We understand our responsibility as a Sherwood Park Taxi Company and Cabs Sherwood Park service provider, which is why our excellent customer support team and experienced drivers have the knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with impeccable service. You’re just one call away from the most affordable and safe taxi experience.

When it comes to booking a taxi for work every day or going to nearby shops for your regular needs, that time everyone is searching for the best Sherwood Park Flat Rate cab and Cabs Sherwood Park is able to satisfy the need for a flat rate taxi service Sherwood Park. Our customers are pleased to enjoy our service.

Our abilities are consistent, efficient, always on time and fair, keeping our customers satisfied on a consistent basis. So if you hire Sherwood taxi to Saskatchewan airport or cab to airport or Sherwood Park local taxi or Sherwood taxi to Edmonton, our Flat Ride cab give best prices and deals & discounts.

Delivery services in Sherwood Park

Cabs Sherwood Park also provide flat rate gift, package, food, etc. – related delivery services.

• Our staff is highly skilled and efficient in their diligent handling of your parcels.

• Order pick-up and distribution door to door.

• 24 * 7 Delivering food anywhere in Sherwood Park.

• Send and surprise gifts to your special ones.

Take your Pet Anywhere with Ease & Comfort

We at Cabs Sherwood Park provide Pet Taxi Services that transport your pet safely to and from veterinarian and grooming appointments. Our comfortable Pet Cabs will drive your pet to the airport, lessons in obedience, the veterinary hospital, or any other place he needs.

We also provide Pet Taxi round trip services to and from the airport for arrivals and departures, and just about any local and long-distance field trips you may need in and around Sherwood Park. If you are a home-bound pet owner, or just need a hand in your dog’s transportation to the vet or anywhere else, we can get him wherever he wants. Only call us and let us know when and where, and we’re going to be more than happy to take him along.