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The following terms and conditions (“User Terms”) are applicable on your visit to this website through a computer, mobile phone or any other appropriate electronic device. This document is an electronic record in terms of Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), 2000 and rules thereunder as applicable and the provisions pertaining to electronic records in various statutes under the federal laws of Canada. This electronic record shall be generated by computer system hence, it doesn’t require any electronic or digital signature of either of the parties. BY proceeding to avail any of our services, you are consenting to the User Terms and shall be considered bound by it. This shall be considered as a binding agreement between you and Sherwood Park Cabs in respect of the use and services of the website.


You will be “eligible” to use the Services only when you fulfil all of the following conditions:

(i) You have attained at least 18 (eighteen) years of age.

(ii) You are competent to enter into a contract under the Applicable Laws.

If you reside in a jurisdiction that restricts the use of the Service because of age, or restricts the ability to enter into contracts such as this User Terms due to age, you must abide by such age limits.


2.1. The Site permits you to avail the transportation services offered by us. The Services allow you to send a request to book a cab/vehicle for transportation within the vicinity we operate. The Driver has sole and complete discretion to accept or reject each request for Service. If the Driver accepts a request, we shall notify you and provide information regarding the Driver – including Driver name, Vehicle license number, telephone contact details of the Driver and such other details as we may determine.

2.2. We shall procure reasonable efforts to bring you into contact with a Driver, subject to the availability of Driver in or around your location at the moment of your request for such services.

2.3. By using the Application or the Service, you further agree that:

(i) You will only use the Service for your sole, personal use and will not resell or assign it to a third party;

(ii) You will not use the Service or Site for unlawful purposes;

(iii) You will not try to harm the Service, Site or our network in any way whatsoever; (iv) You will provide us with such information and documents which we may reasonably request;

(v) You will only use an authorized network to avail the Service;

2.4. We reserve the right to immediately terminate the Service in the event of non-compliance with any of the above requirements. Further, we will store the information provided by you or record your calls for contacting you for all Service related matters. You shall promptly inform us on any change in the information provided by you.

2.5. We or an authorised representative of Sherwood Park Cabs, shall provide information regarding services, discounts and promotions provided by us to you by way of an SMS or email to your mobile number/ email ID. You also have the option to discontinue receiving such information at any point of time. To discontinue receiving such information, you may at any point of time visit the specific link provided in the Site to discontinue the same.

2.6. We shall be entitled to process and transfer your information as and when it deems fit and it may store or transfer your information in a server outside canada or the country where you are located in order to perform our obligations under these customer T&C.

2.7. You agree to grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty- free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise the copyright, publicity, database rights or any other rights you have in your information, in any media now known or not currently known, with respect to your information.

2.8. You agree and permit Ola to share any information provided by you with third parties in order to facilitate provision of certain value-added services offered by such third parties to you and/or to provide certain value-added services to you by us. You hereby expressly consent to receive communications from us/ third parties offering value-added services to you through your registered phone number and/or e-mail id and/or the Site. You agree that you will not hold us responsible for any such communications received from third parties, nor will any such communication

2.9. In the event of breakdown of the Vehicle, which is beyond repair, before completion of the Ride, we, on a best effort basis and at its sole discretion, may arrange for a Substitute Vehicle for completion of your Ride to your destination. However, the arrangement of Substitute Vehicle shall be subject to its availability.

2.10. You acknowledge and agree that Substitute Vehicle may not be necessarily of the same type as the original Vehicle booked by you from the Site.

2.11. Sherwood Parks Cabs bears no responsibility and liability for delays and losses suffered by you or caused to you as a consequence of the breakdown of the Vehicle or the Substitute Vehicle.


3.1. Sherwood Park Cabs shall, upon receiving the booking request from you in the manner set out above, proceed to confirm or decline the booking based on the availability of Vehicles at the pickup time, which shall be informed to you vide an SMS, telephonic conversation or e-mail. In the event the booking is confirmed, you shall check the booking details including but not limited to pick up time and pick up place, and if there is incorrect detail, the same needs to be informed to us immediately by calling our call centre.

3.2. You shall bear the consequences and damages for any delay that may be caused to you due to your failure to check the confirmation SMS or email or failure to inform us of the incorrect details immediately.


4.1. We shall charge Convenience Fee or Access Fee for the Service which shall be determined and amended at our sole and absolute discretion. The Convenience Fee or Access Fee shall be payable by you and shall be informed to you before you begin your ride.

4.2. You shall be required to pay such Additional Fee, which will form part of the receipt of the Total Ride Fee.

4.3. You shall be required to pay such Cancellation Fee in terms of Clause 5, which will form part of the receipt of the Total Ride Fee.

4.4. In addition to the Total Ride Fee, You may be required to pay such other charges incurred by you during the Ride in cash i.e. Additional Fee, which are not included in the receipt of the Total Ride Fee.

4.5. The Total Ride Fee will be collected by the Driver or Sherwood Park Cabs at the end of the Ride.

4.6. All applicable taxes in respect of the Fare, Convenience Fee, Additional Fee, Cancellation Fee shall be borne and payable by You, as the case may be.

4.7. You shall choose to pay for the Service Fee by either of the following four methods: (i) Cash payment: Cash payment towards the Total Ride Fee after the completion of Ride can be made to the Driver. (ii) Debit/Credit Card Facility

4.8. Any payment related issue, except when such issue is due to an error or fault in the Site, shall be resolved between you and the Payment Processor.


5.1. You agree and acknowledge that you may cancel your request for a Vehicle from a Driver at any point of time subject to a Cancellation Fee; Cancellation Fee will be charged if the cancellation of a ride is made after 5 minutes of booking the ride.

5.2. The Cancellation Fee shall be payable by you immediately on cancellation.

5.3. Valid communication shall be made to us for cancelling any booked ride.


6.1. You shall NOT smoke and drink in the Vehicles or misbehave with the Driver or distract the Driver or act in violation of Applicable Law. In the event you are found to be involved in the activities set out above, you shall be liable to pay a fine to us and we shall also have the right to terminate your Ride immediately. In the event you fail to pay fine after the completion of the Ride, we may at our discretion, take such steps as may be available to us under Applicable Law. You shall also be blacklisted as a result of non-payment of the fine or misbehaving as the case may be, and in such event, you shall never be able to avail any of our services.

6.2. You shall NOT litter in the vehicle provided to you for your ride nor shall you damage any of the vehicle’s property. In the event of non compliance to this, your ride shall be terminated immediately and asked to pay as per the loss or damage caused.