Safety Is Our Concern During The Pandemic

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Safety Is Our Concern During The Pandemic

Driver retention is one of the wide problems faced by taxi service providers in the wake of the world wide pandemic. The spread of hazardous infections and a temporary plunge in ride volumes compelled taxi drivers to keep away from their professional responsibilities. Now that the commuters are changing to the new normal, the ride volume is increasing and ride-hailing service providers ought to strengthen their work menforce to convert incoming opportunities into revenue.

Sherwood park cabs
Sherwood park cabs

Here is how a digital solution helps boost driver retention for your taxi business amid COVID-19.

Ensure driver safety

Safety is the high priority of taxi drivers with the COVID-19 effect still on the air. Appreciate your drivers to use face masks and hand sanitization to curb the spread of infections. Place partition shields in your vehicles to ensure that your drivers and passengers keep up their physical distance.

Using a digital payment solution for your taxi service business, you can prompt your drivers to upload a selfie with their face masks on and use the safety checklist integrated with the driver app every time they accept rides. This way, you let your drivers know that you care about them and end up earning their confidence.

Implement Earning transparency

On-time payment processing is one of the best ways to satisfy your taxi drivers, particularly during uncertain times. With a customized digital solution, you can easily keep track of the income flow into your business and automate payroll processing for your drivers based on their predefined commission rates.

Reward your drivers

Sherwood Park Taxi service Timely rewards prompt your drivers to exhibit highly productivity and also strengthen your relationship with your work menforce.

With a taxi solution, Sherwood park taxi monitor the performance of individual drivers and offer rewards accordingly. Besides, the digital solution also facilitates to initiate our driver referral programs and provide resources with bonuses when they add new drivers to your network. This way, we can recruit new drivers for our customer compertability while retaining existing ones.

Create new opportunities

Sherwood park taxi service always appreciate their drivers for their work.