What is Uber Reserve and Why to Choose Uber Reserve?

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What is Uber Reserve and Why to Choose Uber Reserve?

If you want to go to the Airport for your next family vacation or any business purpose; you don’t need to worry about transportation. Just look for the Airport Taxi Sherwood Park to reach the Airport with your luggage conveniently.

If you are in Sherwood Park and want to go to a new place for your business meeting and need to know the exact location, don’t take the hassle of finding one. Just book any Taxi Services in Sherwood Park to reach your appointment time. 

Uber Reserve:

The name of this feature indicates that it is related to some ride reservations. You can now reserve your rides in advance for not worrying about the taxi at the last moment of your journey. 

How is Uber Reserve helpful?

While booking online taxis, you must wait for the driver, who may be 10 km from your house; it usually happens. And if any fault occurs in the driver’s vehicle, there is more hassle and an increase in wait time. Uber Reserve is here to save you from reaching after the party is over. Suppose you need to attend any party at night which will fall about seven days from today. It’s hard to find a taxi at night, but you will get it at the right time on your doorstep because your ride is already reserved for that day in advance. 

How Uber Reserve works: 

If you book a ride with Uber Reserve, the nearby driver will see all the trip details, including fare, pickup location, and drop location, along with your name. When the driver accepts your reservation for that day or time, you’ll get a confirmation message for your reserved ride. 


Cancellation charges:

If you cancel your reserved ride before the 1 hour from pickup time, cancellation charges will not be deducted.

Fare of Uber reserve:

When you book the taxi in Uber reserve, you will see the notification with full fair details, including the reservation fee. You can choose to go with that driver’s price or look for another one. 

What makes the difference:


  1. Reliability

    : The reliability of uber reserve is remarkable, and you can rely on Uber Reserve to reach on time at any place. 

  2. Additional waiting

    : Uber reserve taxis will move when you’re ready to go. The driver will wait for some time. If you are unprepared, additional waiting charges will be added to your pay. 



You can choose every ride according to your budget and comfort; Uber Reserve has every kind of option available for you. 

Business travels:

Uber Reserve can drop you at any airport or business place for important meetings and deals on time.  



When going on any vacation with family or going to a party with friends, we usually call a taxi or cab at the last moment and wait a long time which is not at all reliable or convenient. You can contact Astro Taxis to make your last-minute ride on time and conveniently with this Uber Reserve feature. 

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Proper detailed information about the new seat belt law for taxis

Well, wearing seatbelts always increases the safety of passengers, and that is why the Canadian Government made it compulsory. So their one-person, one seat belt rule limited the total occupancy of vehicles to the number of available seat belts. So all Taxi services in Sherwood Park are following this rule in order to maintain passenger safety.

Moreover, drivers of cab Sherwood Park have to bear in mind that travelers below the age of 16 are properly secured in a seatbelt or child car safety seat. And passengers who appear older than 16 years might need to provide evidence to the police in order to prove their age. So let’s get complete information about this law.

These are some instructions for wearing a seat belt, which everyone has to follow

  • Doubling Up

As some people wear one seat belt for two people, now that thing is strongly prohibit by Canadian higher authorities because it causes safety issues, so from now one person and one seat belt.

  • Seat belt exemptions

As there are workers, for example, delivery boys or girls, who frequently exit and reenter vehicles so they can avoid seat belts, but they have to maintain their vehicle speed below forty kilometers per hour.

Moreover, people who are not able to wear seatbelts because of medical reasons have to show their medical certificate if police officers ask.

And police officers can avoid wearing seatbelts when they are transporting any person in custody. People, while driving vehicles in reverse, do not need to wear seat belts according to the new seat belt exemption guidelines.

Canadian post employees and agents who deliver mail in rural areas can drive without wearing a seatbelt. Furthermore, ambulance attendants or people in patients’ compartments do not need to follow any seat belt rule, and conditions are also the same for the vehicles of firefighters departments.

Well, there are also some vehicles that do not have any seat belts, for example, buses and school vans, so they are free from seat belt laws. Other heavy vehicles and historic vehicles which also do not have seat belts are also allowed.

People who will not follow this have to pay a fine of one hundred ten dollars and two demerits points. There are no exemptions for taxi passengers, and keeping child seats in taxis is still not mandatory by law. But they can use it if it is available. However, to keep children’s safety in focus while traveling in a taxi, parents can bring their baby car seats or boosters to safely enjoy the traveling experience.

Final words

So following all seatbelts rules are mandatory, and that will also help to make your traveling experience safe.

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Complete information about the whole system of a taxi company

Well, there are numerous things that complete a taxi company because there are several drivers. Almost all taxi companies provide services 24\7, so drivers need to be available at all times. Companies that offer taxi services in Sherwood Park and at any other place also have a call centre to manage all the calls of customers and to provide them excellent services.

Moreover, cabs Sherwood Park or at any other place are being managed by a management team. That is why companies are able to handle businesses in a better way. A taxi company also has an auto maintenance facility which helps them to provide obstacle-free services.

Four parts which complete the whole structure of a taxi company

  • Management

All taxi companies have a team of management which helps them to handle their business in a wise way. For example, the management team makes sure to handle all finances, human resources, company contracts, vehicle insurance, and many more. Moreover, a manager focuses on handling the work in a call centre, and managers also play an essential role in making sure that every person in the company is performing their duty properly. For problems that occur in every taxi company, managers have a responsibility to find the possible solutions as soon as possible. For the advertisement, company managers have to take responsibility to do this.

  • Customer communication

A typical taxi company has an office where several employees work, and most of them have the responsibility to answer all the incoming calls at the proper time. It helps customers to make taxi bookings and some customers also call to complain. However, some modern taxis also have a computerised system to answer the calls of all their customers. And people prefer to visit the official websites of taxis to book a cab for themselves.

  • Driver

Every taxi company has a large group of drivers to be available every time for each customer. Some companies hire skilled drivers and provide them with a vehicle, but some companies prefer drivers have their own cars. And according to the contract, drivers must paint their vehicles according to the taxi company logo. Drivers often wait at some famous public places such as airports and train stations. In some cases, when some book a taxi on a call, then drivers directly reach the customer’s location to pick them up.

  • Auto Maintenance

As taxi cabs run more as compared to personal vehicles, it requires maintenance more frequently, such as oil change, breaks checkup, and wheel alignment. And in this only experienced workers are there tho can fix all car problems quickly. Moreover, drivers who use their own cars for taxi services get their car services at discounts.

Taxi Service


The first day of work is filled with anxiety, we try our best to be on time. You left your apartment on time without finishing breakfast, only to find yourself stuck in never-ending traffic. Depending on public transport is like playing the lottery.

Traveling via public transport can be very hectic. For one, it is hard to find and wastes significant time between stoppages. Two, a sizable chunk of the population relies on public transport for their day-to-day movements, causing a shortage of space and competition between commuters for the same space. Three, the ever-increasing taxi RATES put a dent in commuters’ pockets.


Now comes sherwood park taxi, a taxi that feels like your own. Our motto is to make you forget about your traveling woes so that you can focus on your tasks without bothering about travel troubles. Let us make your traveling experience smooth like butter so that your focus is on your task and not anything else. You worry about your job, where you will go for lunch today, or what you must tell your friend, and let us make your traveling experience the best we can.

Our drivers are experienced and well-trained. They will make your ride fun and safe. Our taxis have the best safety devices to make you feel safe. We promise to help you reach one place to another in the city in the shortest possible time because we emphasize punctuality.


At Sherwood Taxi, we pledge to provide you with the best facility at affordable rates. We have Flat Rate Cab Sherwood Park. So no waiting on the curb for public transport, no getting late for office, parties, and wherever you want to go.


You can download our app and avail of various benefits available there. Each time you book a ride, you receive coins on your successful ride completion. You can use coins to get additional discounts when you have enough coins.



   We at Sherwood park taxi believe in building trust with our clients. Our     

   Cubbies are always on time, and riders are informed adequately in case our driver is late.    


    Our fares are nominal so that you can travel without breaking the bank. Any increment in 

    The rates are appropriately disclosed and are done only when necessary.


    We take pride in our customer service because your suggestions help bring Improvement in our services.


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What Are The Advantages Of Booking A Flat Rate Taxis For A Ride?

Who does not like special treatment? Especially after having a long tiring flight. Imagine getting to enjoy the service of a taxi Sherwood park as it is waiting for you outside the airport, ready to pick up and drop you off at your destination. And the best part of this luxurious service is its affordability and cost-effectiveness. You would not have to pay a lot of money.

No more hopping public buses or other transport- thanks to cabs Sherwood park.

Book Sherwood Park Cabs and enjoy its infinite benefits. We offer different cabs based on your requirements. From private transportation to the airport, business meetings, and social events, we have various options for you. Our services are available 24 hours, seven days a week, without any miss. With the quick booking, flat rates, and customizable service, you will never feel let down.

What Are Flat Rate Cabs?

Flat-rate cabs are those taxi services that state the rate at the beginning of the ride and stay the same no matter the distance the driver has traveled. You would not have to worry about the extra or hidden charges, all thanks to flat rate cabs. Have peace of mind and eliminate the uncertainty of paying more than decided.

However, you would not be able to enjoy the same perk with metered taxis. In such cabs, you would not know how much you would have to pay. The payment is solely based on how much distance the driver has traveled.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Flat Rate Taxi?

If you are still not sold on the idea of booking a flat-rate taxi, then let me help you introduce its many benefits. We have raving testimonials of positive passengers who boast the advantages of hiring a flat rate taxi. We have listed some reasons behind the popularity of flat-rate taxis.

  • It provides safety and comfort.

One of the biggest reasons people choose cabs is their comfort, convenience, and safety. When hiring a taxi from Sherwood Park Cab, you should ensure that they provide you with the best service around the area while highlighting the safety procedure. You would not want to struggle with the hassle and hidden costs.

  • You get the option of 24/7 services.

With flat rate cabs from Sherwood Park Cabs, you get the possibility of booking the taxi at any time, anywhere. We are here for you in your emergency. It is indeed one of the biggest benefits that a flat-rate taxi gives. All you would have to do is book a service and get a chauffeur at your doorstep at the designated time to pick you up.

  • Convenience like never before

Booking a taxi service from Sherwood Park Cabs is one of the easiest and most convenient services ever. All you require is a smart device to call us or book online through our website. You would no longer have to catch public transport and waste your precious time waiting for them. Reach on time and never get late. We have designed our taxis to suit your personal needs.