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What is Uber Reserve and Why to Choose Uber Reserve?

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What is Uber Reserve and Why to Choose Uber Reserve?

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Uber Reserve:

The name of this feature indicates that it is related to some ride reservations. You can now reserve your rides in advance for not worrying about the taxi at the last moment of your journey. 

How is Uber Reserve helpful?

While booking online taxis, you must wait for the driver, who may be 10 km from your house; it usually happens. And if any fault occurs in the driver’s vehicle, there is more hassle and an increase in wait time. Uber Reserve is here to save you from reaching after the party is over. Suppose you need to attend any party at night which will fall about seven days from today. It’s hard to find a taxi at night, but you will get it at the right time on your doorstep because your ride is already reserved for that day in advance. 

How Uber Reserve works: 

If you book a ride with Uber Reserve, the nearby driver will see all the trip details, including fare, pickup location, and drop location, along with your name. When the driver accepts your reservation for that day or time, you’ll get a confirmation message for your reserved ride. 


Cancellation charges:

If you cancel your reserved ride before the 1 hour from pickup time, cancellation charges will not be deducted.

Fare of Uber reserve:

When you book the taxi in Uber reserve, you will see the notification with full fair details, including the reservation fee. You can choose to go with that driver’s price or look for another one. 

What makes the difference:


  1. Reliability

    : The reliability of uber reserve is remarkable, and you can rely on Uber Reserve to reach on time at any place. 

  2. Additional waiting

    : Uber reserve taxis will move when you’re ready to go. The driver will wait for some time. If you are unprepared, additional waiting charges will be added to your pay. 



You can choose every ride according to your budget and comfort; Uber Reserve has every kind of option available for you. 

Business travels:

Uber Reserve can drop you at any airport or business place for important meetings and deals on time.  



When going on any vacation with family or going to a party with friends, we usually call a taxi or cab at the last moment and wait a long time which is not at all reliable or convenient. You can contact Astro Taxis to make your last-minute ride on time and conveniently with this Uber Reserve feature.