What are the topmost tips to find the best transportation services?

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What are the topmost tips to find the best transportation services?

Are you planning to get the best transportation services? Are you confused, what to go for? Or Which transport will be the best choice?

Are you having the same thoughts??? WAIT!

We know how important it can be to reach the place safely and that too on time. For say, you have a meeting to attend and you would want to reach the place on time. In such a case, it is important to find the best transportation services. One of the best options is to go with a flat rate cab as this way you don’t have to bother about paying any type of extra money. If you are worried about which option to go for then Sherwood Park Taxi has got everything covered for you. Now! Let’s get started to understand how to choose the best transportation services.

Tips to choose the best transportation services

  • Consider the location

First of all, you have to narrow down the search by considering who all are giving the services in your area. It won’t make any sense to get your taxi booked by a company which is 1 hour away. Therefore, it is best that you get the services of the taxi company which is near your area.

  • Priority to comfort

Comfort during traveling is important and if that is not possible with the specific vehicle then what’s the point of choosing. Before you book them for the service, you have to check what vehicles they use and whether it will be comfortable to travel a long way. At Sherwood Park Taxi, we have the best taxi options and specifically the comfortable ones.

  • The cost should be reasonable

Sometimes we get the service considering the amount they show in the first place. But, after that, they charge us extra or tell us that these are miscellaneous expenses. At Sherwood Park Taxi, we are completely transparent with the service we provide. The best option is the flat rate cab which means the prices are fixed irrespective of what is the destination.

  • Reputed transportation company

You have to be sure that the transportation company you are going to choose has a good reputation. To get information about the same you should go to their website to read the customer reviews. Through the review section, you will get to know whether the company chauffeur is doing justice with the work or not. It is finding the tiny information which can help you make the decision easily.

  • Go with the one that provides – Excellent customer service

With that transportation service, it is important that you choose the one who can give you exceptional customer service. If the customer service is great then it means they are taking the work seriously and ensure the customer coming to their place is satisfied in the end. Also, make sure they give importance to the privacy part.


Taxi Service

What are the benefits of choosing a flat rate taxi over the other cab?

As a business, it is always important to offer those things which the customers prefer. Here, if we talk about the taxi service, then customers’ first option is to go with the flat rate cab. At Sherwood Park Taxi we always make sure to offer those things which are the best and while the customer is travelling they should be satisfied. With the flat rate taxi, the customer is getting the privilege to travel with ease and without paying for anything extra. 

Benefits of a flat rate taxi

  • Under your budget

Won’t you prefer something which fits under your budget? The best part of the flat rate cab is that you don’t have to pay for anything extra for the distance you are traveling. You simply have to relax in the cab and don’t worry about paying for anything extra. Paying for the fixed amount means you will be saving a lot of money. Just travel once and you will notice how the flat rate taxi is much better.

  • Comfortable and safety

Traveling from one place to another, on your own. Don’t you think you want to prefer something safe and comfortable? The Sherwood park taxi drivers provide you with comfortable and safe travel. With their hands on the wheel, you can be sure that the security is not compromised in any sense. Moreover, the taxi in which our chauffeur will come is also well-maintained. Are you ready to enjoy the ride of your life? Book your taxi at Sherwood park taxi.

  • Best choice for all your travel needs

If you are someone who has to travel every day from one place to another then the flat rate taxi is the best choice. When you get the metered taxi to travel to different places, by the end of the day the cost which you have to pay will be more than you expected it to be. This is the reason, you should go for the flat rate taxi service to have peace of mind and this way your travel needs will be fulfilled correctly.

  • 24*7 service

We know the hassle of traveling late-night or the need to catch the flight at 1’0 clock. In such a situation you will expect the service from the professionals which does not make you wait for a long time and you can travel without any worry. This way you don’t have to waste your time searching for a taxi which is not even worth it.

  • Save your monthly budget

Indeed, what’s better than saving your money on something which you can use in the right manner in the future. This is what you will get when you hire the flat rate cab as the prices are minimal.

So, what’s the wait?

Book yourself a taxi from Sherwood Park Taxi and have the best ride of your life.

Taxi Service

Why count on the airport taxi services? What are the benefits of hiring the same?

Are you seeking the most comfortable and distinctly cost-effective way to get transported to the airport? Then, I suggest you consider Sherwood park taxi who offer brilliant airport taxi services. This is one of the best ways if the individual wants to commute to the city. This service is usually provided by the expert companies which usually expects for the large scale turnover and the greatly skilled and experienced staff is working with them.


In case, you are not getting the airport taxi service, then you can count on the flat rate cab as an alternative to the airport taxi services.

In today’s blog, we are going to acquaint you with some of the airport taxi services. Are you ready to know about them?

No delay!

I know, when it is about catching the flight, then nobody wants to bear the loss of losing catching the flight owing to the delay. No matter which time of the day or the night you are required to catch the taxi, we shall always and always try to reach you on time and never shall we ever make you get delayed in catching the flight.


Some people somehow pre assume that the airport taxi service will be costly and because of that, they never consider taking it up. But without inquiring about the cost, the individual should not formulate the assumptions that the cost of hiring the taxi will fall heavily on your pocket.

If you are considering Sherwood Park cabs, then you can surely expect to get the cut-price.

Comfortable seating

No matter how far or how near you want to go, you’ll always and always want to make your travelling experience the best. For that, the seating plays a major role. When you are counting on us, then we always and always make sure that you get comfortable seating. In case you still find any flaws with our services, then please let us know. We always leave the scope for the modifications.

All-time service

The taxi service providers are known for being available all the time. No matter whether it is the day or the night, whether night is stormy or the day is foggy, we will never step back to reach you on time.

We assure you that no matter what and how the atmospheric conditions are, we shall always stay committed to make you reach your destination on time.

Safe travelling

The social media scroll feed is full of the incidents in which the passengers are harassed by the cab drivers. We have taken this thing seriously and have made the car and the taxi drivers under strict compliance with the rules and the regulations. 

Taxi Service

Why should you have a corporate taxi account and its benefits?

Being a business owner, time is one of your valuable assets. So, keeping that in account, we can surely consider the arrangement of the Sherwood Park Taxi and the schedule-maintaining of hiring the flat rate cabs for your clients or employees, can come out to be greatly time-consuming. All thanks to God! We are available with the solution for that.

To get saved with the time and all the hassle for the transportation needs of your company, you should surely try to get a corporate sales account. There are two critical benefits of hiring a corporate taxi and these are:

  • These can help you to save a lot of time
  • These also provide you with the peace of mind
  • It is the inexpensive way of expense management


Track The Transport Expenses If Your Company So Easily

Once you are having a corporate taxi account, then you are facilitated with the easy and convenient tracking of the expenses of your company. The hired taxi company will help you to attain all the data in detail by highlighting those prospects which you are particularly interested to know about.

For example, The commuting expenses of each employee could be tracked easily which will help you to gain insight into how you are supposed to manage those expenses.

Pay monthly

  • It might emerge to be highly inconvenient to pay on every trip. The other inconvenience which you have to face is related to keeping a record of the receipts attained on every ride.
  • Another benefit of hiring a corporate taxi service account is that you get to know the status of the monthly bills with all the mandatory details of the rides which are enlisted in that account.
  • Also, as far as the payment of the bills is concerned then these are paid only once a month. By doing this, we can remain worry-free as you will not be required to pay the driver at the end of the particular ride.

Safety Of The Travellers

Those who are travelling via taxi or the cab can get ensured of the highly professional service which is rendered in the best safest way.

We would like to advise you that if you are choosing a reputed company for getting the service then you can surely hope for being rendered the services by the professional drivers who are hired in the particular company after a thorough eligibility check.

Available Every Time

The corporate taxi service is always available at the service of the clients and the employees, no matter which time of the day or night it is. With this, your staff will always remain happy as they are granted absolute peace of mind. Also, this will ensure that none of your clients is facing inconvenience in reaching on time at the flights or any kind of night event.



Taxi Service

7 great reasons why hiring a cab is much better than a self-driven rental car

Some people are of the view that hiring self-driven rental cars are better than the taxi or flat rate cab. But what if we try to convince you to consider Sherwood park taxis better than the self-drive cars?

Here we go with the 7 great reasons:

They Know The Different Ways To Reach The Destination

You may get lost in the way if you are the one who usually does not go to travel a distance of the longer miles. But hiring a cab or taxi will benefit you to reach your destination without getting lost in the way. As it is the profession of the taxi or the cab drivers, so they know the routes and alternative ways to reach the destination.

You Can Get Ensured Of The Safety

If you drive the car on your own, then there are 70 to 80% chances that you may end up crashing your car in the middle of the road due to a lack of experience. But hiring a cab or a taxi driver never lets you suffer from such things as they are experienced professionals who have been in this field for so many years.

You Need Not Worry About The Biggest Thing And That Is: “PARKING”

It has been observed that 70% of the cars that are sent to the garages to be repaired encountered the damage while they were being parked. So this is the biggest tension for a driver. When you are a passenger who has hired a taxi to reach the destination, then you can surely find yourself free from the fear of parking.

You Can Reach On Time

When you are driving yourself, then there are many chances that you may or may not reach on time as owing to the absence of the professional skills you are supposed to drive slowly. But the cab driver is equipped with many such professional driving skills. You need not worry about reaching on time.

These Do Not Cost You More

As compared to the self-driven rental cars ( who ask for some kind of security), the cabs and the taxis are the best. First of all, these do not require any kind of security which gives you relief from the burden of whether you will be able to get the security back or not. Second, hiring a cab is more cost-effective in comparison with self-driven cars.

No Need To Give Prepayment

While in self-drive cars, you are required to pay the cost for hiring in the beginning. But if we talk about the cabs and the taxis, then these are postpaid which means you are supposed to pay for the fare whenever you have comfortably reached your destination.



Taxi Service

What are the 8 topmost tips which will help you to save money on taxi fares?

Are you planning to book a taxi to visit your friend’s place or for a meeting? But, you are thinking about how you can save your money on the taxi fare. Sherwood Park Taxi will give you the best service you are looking for. Moreover, our Flat Rate Cab is one of the best options as the prices are fixed and you don’t have to pay anything extra on the way or after you reach your destination. Here are some of the tips on which you can save your money.

  • Look for flat rate service

Sherwood park Taxi offers you the same. Just imagine that you are going for a longer distance and if you book to book beforehand & that too flat rate, then it is even better. Just make sure that you tell them in advance what you are willing to pay. Flat rates will automatically save you money which you can use for your next trip or somewhere else.

  • Prefer cash payment

A credit card is not the most loved thing by the taxi driver. Most card companies charge 2.5% to 3.75% per swipe which makes the driver lose money. To avoid any problem, whatsoever you must pay in cash. In addition, doing so can help you get 2 to 3 % off on the fare, only if your driver provides you.

  • Do not travel during after-hours surcharge

Most cab companies charge for the after-hours surcharge which is applied between 9 p.m to 6 a.m. So, it is better that you start the ride before 9 p.m. and this way you can save money on surcharge.

  • Cabs are an economical choice

YES! Cabs are an economical choice. In case, you are traveling a distance of 1.40 miles then it will be less in your pocket if you book a Taxi. So, make sure that you give preference to a cab/taxi if you are planning to have a ride 2 to 3 blocks.

  • Do not travel in rush hours

You should schedule your taxi driver and avoid the peak traffic hours. You mustn’t travel between 7:30 a.m to 9 a.m. and in the evening from 4:30 p.m to 6 p.m as the rush hours will cost you more money. There is no point in traveling during such hours when you know you will get stuck in the traffic.

  • Know about the weekly or monetary rates

It might be possible that you need to ride a cab every single day. If this is the case, then you should tell the cab company that you will be traveling X number of days weekly or monthly. This way they can also give you the right price.

  • Travel through the shortest route

If the navigation app or system shows the shortest or fastest route, then make sure that you ask the chauffeur to choose the shortest route. There is no need to go with the fast route because doing so will cost you extra money as extra miles need to be covered.