What are the 5 key habits of a good taxi driver you should know about?

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What are the 5 key habits of a good taxi driver you should know about?

How to find a good taxi driver?

Whether you agree or not, the taxi cab driver is in the face of the taxi company. They are the ones on whom you will put your trust on getting the desired service and to reach the desired place. The chauffeurs are the one who helps to connect the service provider and the customers. Astro Taxi is one of the known names in the field of taxi service companies giving the most authentic and steadfast cab service to the customers.

Additionally, you will be getting the Flat Rate Cab service which means you will be paying the fixed amount, no matter where you want to travel. Now comes to finding a good taxi driver and for that, you need to consider that they all have the best habits.

Good taxi driver service

Some of the main habits which point to the fact that the taxi driver will give you the best service.

  • The taxi driver should be friendly

Make sure the taxi driver is friendly and they accompany you to the desired place in the most reliable manner. They will give their best to ensure you have a safe and fun ride. In case, you want to play music on the ride you can do that or if you want to be at peace, you can ask them. No matter what makes you comfortable they will give you the service in that way only. When you have a friendly cab driver, your ride is going to be less boring.

  • Humble towards everything

Indeed, a good taxi driver will stand out when they are humble towards their work. No matter what service it is, human nature needs to be humble and you have to be respectful towards others. If you want to be treated right, the same others will expect from you. When your work ethics and morals are strong, then you can expect just the best and even others will treat you. With the best chauffeur, you can see the characteristics of being a good human.

  • Have that calm and composed vibe

At times, the customers are loud or the situation turns out to be completely different than expected. At times, customers are the ones who tell the chauffeur to violate the traffic rules just because they are getting late. Considering all these situations, it is important that a chauffeur needs to know how they have to manage the entire situation and keep peace of mind.

  • Do not get swayed by the emotions

Being a good driver you must keep control over your emotions. Moreover, they will make sure that you drive to the desired place safely. They know how to keep a balance in their professional and personal life. The best driver will make sure that they take care of the passenger’s safety at all costs all the time.

  • Not doing the service just for the sake of money

Indeed, they are not giving you the service just for money’s sake. They will make sure that you only have to pay the price of the desired destination which you want to travel to.

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Which among these are best – Booking a Flat Rate Cab or Driving your car?

Have you ever wondered about the differences between booking a flat rate cab or driving your own to reach your destination? Do you know which among the both presents the best benefits? Then, of course, you are thinking right. It is a flat rate cab. When you book a cab which charges you with the uniform prices, then you get to enjoy so many benefits which are as follow:

The charges will remain the same

No matter how much distance you want to cover, the charges will remain uniform and fixed. If you compare the charges of booking a flat rate cab with driving your car, then booking a cab will be beneficial. Since you will get the additional service. Are you wondering how?

The charges you are paying for booking a cab will be the same as that of fueling your car. But you have to drive the car on your own. No?

But with a flat rate cab, you get to enjoy being ridden at your destination.

You will get a comfortable ride

Imagine a situation where you are ill and not in the capability to drive your car, then what would happen?

You will call some of your friends or family members to help you out. What if you are going through bad luck and no member of the family or friends can help you owing to the adverse circumstances?

In that situation, none other than the flat rate cab would help you out. If you are booking a Sherwood park taxi, then you can expect compassionate behaviour from the driver.

We have instructed our drivers to make sure that the customers get so impressed with our facility that they consider booking us again and again whenever they need a taxi. So you can rely on us!

You’ll be safe with us

Although we cannot predict the circumstances, we can surely promise you to be immensely safe and secure with us.No matter whether the hay comes or shines, you are going to enjoy the ride without any fear or anything else.

We have all the mediums of accepting money available

The customers face one major problem and that is related to the acceptance of the money. Some have different sources of paying the money. Since you know our is to provide the maximum facilities to our customers, so we have taken care of this thing and have made all the sources of accepting money available with oy drivers.

So no matter whether you want to pay us online or with cash, we do accept everything.

Final Comments!

The above-mentioned benefits are considerable. These are the ones who are accountable for making the booked cab the provider of the benefits.

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Taxi service: What are the helpful tips for tipping the cab driver?

When you need to tip the taxi driver, various things need to be kept in mind. It might be possible that you think you are not tipping the taxi driver in the right manner or whether you are giving more than they deserve. Getting the taxi service of the Sherwood Park Taxi will make it much easier for you to get the best service and the most affordable one in the form of a flat rate cab. You must be tipping the taxi driver in the right way as tipping them will show that you appreciated their service and it won’t create a feeling of anxiety or embarrassment. Tipping the taxi driver means that they have given excellent service and in the future, they will keep on improving the way they give the service.

How to tip the taxi driver for their service?

For the best taxi ride, you must give them the tip. The driver who has given the service in the most ideal manner and it is way better than you expected, then you need to tip the taxi driver. Here are some important tips which allow you to tip the taxi driver.

Tip 1: You need to tip at least 10% or don’t tip at all

If service provided by the taxi driver is exceptional, then you need to tip at least 10% or more. There is no point in giving them less than 10%. You should leave the full dollar as a tip and make sure that you never ask them for a change to tip them for the service.

Tip 2: Give them tip for unloading luggage

The taxi driver is going to load & unload the luggage which calls out for friendly service. Especially, if you have got the best experience and you enjoyed not being behind the wheels, then you need to appreciate them for their service. Ideally, you need to give them a tip of around 20% or more as they went extra to make sure you are comfortable.

Tip 3: Never ask for a change

To tip the taxi driver, you need to be in all the ways. Many people make the mistake of asking for the change whether it is one or two dollars. Understand that most of the taxi drivers do not keep change with them and asking for the change is also insulting in many ways. It’s better that you tip them the nearest dollar so that there is not any sort of hassle.

Tip 4: Consider the ride quality and tip accordingly

Make sure that you consider the ride quality and accordingly tip the taxi driver. Indeed, there is no point in tipping the taxi driver who is not committed to his work. If the service seems to be at an extremely low bar then there is no point in giving the tip because they did not provide the service you wanted. Make sure to consider giving high-quality standard service.

Tip 5: Should the driver pay attention to the route

Choosing the best driver comes with responsibility and they must find the best route possible. They must understand that the trip should be made through the right place & not take the routes through the rush hour traffic. The experienced taxi driver must have enough knowledge about the route

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What are the benefits of getting the services of the best taxi company?

So, you are in search of the best taxi service company…Well, this is one thing which needs to be done carefully and you don’t have to be negligent about the same. Getting the services of Sherwood Park Cabs will be the best way to get the best service to travel from one place to another. When you book for the Sherwood Park Taxi you can only expect the best of options and services to get the best ride of your life. When you choose to hire the taxi over public transport the frequency of being on time is way more and the flat-rate cab will make things even better. When we miss the bus, metro, or flight, you can only expect what is best. By doing so, it will be much easier for you to plan everything and be in the desired place on time. When the driver is there, you can expect everything to be done seamlessly.

What are the major reasons the airport taxi service is the best?

Especially when it is about reaching the airport on time, you need to have the transport mode which is fast, reliable, and safe. In case, you have a flight to catch at night and you are traveling alone, then choosing the taxi from the best taxi company will make it much easier for you to reach the place. Here are some of the major reasons you need to put your trust in the airport taxi service:

  • Safe travel

When we leave our home, our loved ones say, ‘Have a safe trip’. For that, you need to choose the best taxi service company to make sure you experience a safe journey and the chauffeur is extremely professional with their work approach.

  • Experienced chauffeurs

One thing that is for sure is that the chauffeur is extremely trained and professionals with their work. We only make the chauffeur a part of our team by cross-checking their past background and giving them all the necessary training to do the way our taxi company service demands.

  • Flat rate cab

With our taxi company, you can expect transparency at every step of the process. We offer flat rate cab service which means no matter where you want to travel the prices of our can service are fixed. When you say this, you won’t expect any sort of surprise. There is not

  • On-time service

When you have scheduled the cab, the chauffeur will come to the place you have told about at the given time. We value your time and money, so we will make sure that you don’t expect any sort of problem on our end.

Best taxi service company near me

If you are someone who is looking for the best taxi service company near you, then Sherwood Park Cabs is one of the reliable names in the market. 

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Why should you rent cabs in Sherwood Park instead of choosing self-drive?

Are you someone who likes to travel during long weekends or do you like to explore different places? Well! You are not alone in this. There are many out there who choose this way to see the world with their own eyes. When you need to hit the road, especially when you are all alone, are there different choices like driving on your own or choosing a rented taxi? To choose the best, you should go for the best option and that is getting the Sherwood Park Taxi. There are numerous benefits which you can get by choosing the taxi service like a flat rate cab, safety, and much more. In this blog, we have mentioned the major reasons to get rented cabs instead of driving on your own. Take a moment and go through the major benefits of choosing the taxi service over the option of self-drive.

Why should you rent cabs instead of self-drive?

Reason 1: Monetary Benefit

When you choose to travel on your own choosing the taxi service is what makes the best choice. Hiring a cab will give you the monetary benefit in every manner and you don’t have to take the stress of parking. On the other hand, when you choose to drive yourself there are different costs which you need to bear and it will make your entire trip more expensive.

Reason 2: Choose to travel on the set time

When you choose the cab service there is a lot of flexibility. Indeed! You can choose to start the trip at any time and reach the desired place before time. Whether you wish to travel during the night or weekend, the taxi service will be readily available. Even late Saturday or Sunday evening you can hire the taxi service and travel to the desired place without worrying about the safety factor. When you choose the taxi service, you will be able to optimize the time easily.

Reason 3: Chauffeur will even guide you about the best place

No doubt, when you think about the quality service, you are expecting something outstanding, reliable, presentable, and non-invasive. Well, all these qualities you can expect to notice in the best chauffeur. Moreover, they will guide you with the best shops or places where you can get the best discount and which you should visit. Neither is there the stress of staying behind the wheels and finding the best of places in the entire city.

Reason 4: Choose the best cab for an unbelievable experience

Indeed! You should select the taxi service which is best in every way possible. When you look for the ‘Best Taxi Service’ near you, you can expect to see thousands of results. Now! Choosing from those can be difficult and you have to put your trust in the one which is best & under your budget. Sherwood park cab is going to make your experience and time way better than expected.



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Why is booking a rental car called beneficial? What features does it offer?

When you have chosen us for such purposes then it means you have taken the right decision. No matter whether we are planning to go on a trip to the nearest spot or have chosen the far-flung corners of the world, you will always and always need the best transportation services.

Note: No matter whether you want to book a rental car or a flat rate cab, you can rely on us for getting provided with the best services of all time.

Here are some of the features-cum benefits which you will find in the rental car.

Features Of A Rental Car

You Will Get A Toll Pass

To make sure that our customers or passengers do not undergo any kind of inconvenience or discomfort, we make preparations beforehand. Be it a short road trip or a long one, you will have to cross several highways for which you will require the toll pass. No?

GPS Navigation System Is A Must

When we are on the way to reach our destination, there are so many chances for us to get lost along the way. So how will you find the right ways in such a condition? To find a way by asking the locals has become an ancient way. Now is the era of the GPS Navigation System.

Airbags – The Ultimate Safety Measure

Each rental service is always equipped with airbags. You can remove such bags as it is a legal violation. We all have to face the fact that when we are travelling, then there are always and always chances to meet up with an accident? So why not take safety precautions in the beginning. No?

Facility To Monitor The Blind Spots

One of the best features of car safety is the blind spot monitor. This senior device is accountable for keeping the devices tracked. These also help you to detect if the cars are present near left, right or any kind of the rear side. With this, it becomes easy for the drivers to notice the obstructions that are present on the way you are getting unnoticed.

Air Conditioning Is Necessary

Whenever you are going to book a rental car, then you have to make sure that your car is fitted with the air conditioning system. Air conditioning is necessary for a car. Imagine a situation, in which you have gotten stuck in traffic that is completely stationary. At that point, it is only the proper air conditioning system that can help you become cooled.

There Is A Luggage Space

Since it is a road trip, you will need to have bags packed with the essentials. No?

Those packed bags are needed to be placed in the car and for that we always make it ascertain that there is an ample amount of luggage space as per the number of the members seated in the car.

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How to ensure taxi service near you will make the trip memorable and best?

Providing the best customer experience requires expertise and skills. Well, when you choose the best company for the travel service it is going to be a whole new different experience for you. With the Sherwood Park Taxi – Cab service you will get one heck of an experience no matter where you want to travel. With the Flat Rate Cab you can be sure that no matter where you are going, the cost of the taxi fare will be the same.

There is not any sort of extra expenses which you need to bear. Do you think that’s all? When you choose to get the taxi service there are various benefits you will be getting which will make your trip memorable in every manner possible. Let’s talk you through those factors for better understanding and making the best decision.

Taxi service should be your priority while traveling

  • Company always give priority to their riders

The Sherwood park cabs always give priority to their customers no matter what the situation is. The services given by the drivers are broad in every sense and the drivers make sure to be reliable with their work approach. At Sherwood Park Cabs the drivers which we choose to be a part of our team are verified properly for the background verification and criminal record. They ensure that the safety of the customers is given priority all the time. The cabs are well-equipped with everything even if there is an emergency. So, you can expect an enjoyable and safe ride.

  • Careful analysis of your travel needs

The driver will make sure that your needs are analyzed properly in every possible manner. The service of our taxi company is based on the interest of the passengers which they make sure to analyze in the first place. Sometimes you are on the verge of missing the flight and when you choose to hire the taxi driver they will make sure you reach the desired place on time. Moreover, they will make sure that you are given the services under all the desired laws and consider the safety factor.

  • Customer service at its best

With the taxi service, you can be sure that all your desired needs and demands are fully addressed by the chauffeurs. We know the nightmare of getting stuck in traffic especially when you are in a time crunch. Moreover, the customers are always informed before what is going on and when the driver will reach the desired location.

  • Get the best traveling experience

The drivers need to make sure the customers feel important right from the start till the time they reach the destination. Moreover, they make sure you have the best of communication and get the best of customer service which you have not even thought about. We make sure no matter how many times you choose our service it is always the best. Our taxi company ensures that the customers feel highly satisfied all the time.



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What are the major reasons you need to start using the cab service?

Travelling is a way to experience something different and see the world with your own eyes. As time has changed, it is difficult to find an empty taxi on the streets and then reach your destination. We don’t have enough time to wait for things and then reach the desired place after the set time. Nobody can hold back the time, otherwise, things would have been way more different. With Sherwood Park Cabs you can expect the best taxi service. If you are someone who travels often, then it is time to shift your focus to the flat rate cab and for many other reasons. Why not choose to travel to the destination with ease and safety? Sherwood Park Taxi service gives you different reasons to do that. Our company sticks to giving the best customer service which is the reason we always inform everybody, ‘Why choose the best taxi service?’

Reasons to choose the cab service

  • Reason 1: Pricing is extremely fair

We have aforementioned about the flat rate system which is the major reason for choosing the taxi service over the normal ones. By flat rate we mean the prices of the taxi are fixed for every place. This way you don’t have to bear the stress of the rising fair and even during the peak hours, you won’t be charged anything extra. The price you will be told in the first place, the same you need to pay when you reach the desired place.

  • Reason 2: One of a kind customer service

Customer service is what we always focus upon because what we do is just for you. No doubt, there is no fun in traveling through the taxi where the driver is not professional or does not answer your questions. When you choose the taxi service you can only expect the service which comes with star rating features and nothing less than that.

Our chauffeur is trained in advance on everything about disciplinary action and suspensions. By doing so, it will be much easier for you to complete your ride.

  • Reason 3: Long waiting hours are a big ‘X’

What’s the fun of waiting for too long to get the desired service. With the popular taxi company, you can only expect everything to be done on time and give you priority by all means. When you reach our team you can expect that the chauffeur will reach your place on time you have told them and this way you will be reaching the desired destination to get your necessary work done.

  • Reason 4: Experienced chauffeur giving brilliant service

When the chauffeur is trained and professional with their work you won’t expect a single mistake on their needs. In their work years of experience, you can expect them to make your ride go as smoothly as possible. They are familiar with the fastest and shortest route & depending on the same they will take you to your destination. Having a trusted and safety-concern driver on the wheels will take all your stress away.

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Which Safety Tips To Be Considered Before Hiring Or Booking A Taxi?

The parents usually do not prefer to allow their children to go by either taxi or cab. It is quite obvious that it happens because of safety concerns.

But we would like to tell all the parents out there-

If your kid is booking a Sherwood Park Taxi, then allow him to go on his own, since it is the safest, cost-effect and convenient option.

We at Sherwood Park Cabs make it ascertain that none of our customers goes home with disappointment. And the main reason why people trust us is that we offer them flat rate cabs.

Here are some of the safety tips which we would like to share with readers in case they have still any doubt left about the procedure:

Check the Ratings

Before you book a taxi, you have to make sure that you are checking the ratings alongside. The ratings will give you an idea about how good are the services being provided by the particular agency.

Make sure you are not only relying on the ratings. But apart from that, you should also take a tour of the website to find whether it is credible or not.

Confirm the Car

It’s your right to ask whether the cab or the taxi which you are going to hire have passed the local inspection test. If you would omit this step, then you will put yourself in immense danger.

Not only that, but you should also check the number plate. Since you are the consumer, you have every right to know about the service which you are going to take up.

Confirm the driver

The driver will be the individual who is going to be with you throughout the journey. So it is solely your responsibility. It is completely your right to ask the company where the driver who is going to drive him or her to the location is the reliable one.

You can ask for proof of how they say tier drivers are credible enough.

But here we would like to mention that the drivers which the Sherwood Park Taxi has hired are the ones who are reliable and you will not face any problem regarding them. It is our guarantee.

But we are expecting a cooperative attitude from your side as well. Since keeping all the expectations from the drivers is not a good thing.

Check their Policies

We at Sherwood Park Cabs offer our customers flat rates. WE do not want our customers to get harassed by being with heavy amounts. Our flat rate policy is very simple.

If you want to read our policy, then please inform us regarding that via email. We shall put forth our policy in the most simple words.

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What are the topmost qualities to look for while getting the cab service?

No doubt, when you look for cab companies there is no paucity of companies. But, Have you ever thought all of them provide the service or not? If you are someone who tries to choose things randomly or don’t consider quality while choosing the company, then from now on you need to be particular while choosing the Sherwood Park Taxi service. You have to be particular about everything as there is the availability of the Flat Rate Cab, knowledge of the chauffeurs, and much more. In this blog, you will get a thorough understanding of the same.

Top qualities to consider while hiring the cab service

  • Experience at its best

Indeed! Experience is the key to the service provided by the cab agency. You need to ensure the drivers are licensed & regulated. If the company has an experienced team then you can expect what type of service you will be getting. Do not compromise on comfort and safety when you are planning to travel. Only choose the best and to choose a better way look at the customer reviews present on the website.

  • Consider the factor of cleanliness and hygiene

Be it any area you talk about hygiene and safety measures are important to consider. When you choose to book the cab company, make sure that they are following the hygiene standards to the T. All their vehicles have to be sanitized properly, the chauffeur should always wear the mask and no contact payment. So, when you choose to book the ride make sure hygiene requirements are considered.

  • Knowledge about the area

The chauffeur needs to be experienced or know about the entire area properly. They should know the short and fast route so that you can reach the destination on time. Basically, with the best cab service company, all the hassle of traveling which comes with public transport should get NULL.

  • Best customer service, hands down

Customer service is the key to any area you talk about. The same goes with the cab company. If you are not clear about anything or there is any doubt in your mind, then you should be able to get the necessary information through the cab service company. They should be fast enough to respond to your doubts. Additionally, it is all about the safety requirements that you know well in advance what to expect or that the chauffeur will p[rovide the service.

  • Truthfulness and reliability

It’s like the reputed company, to be honest and clear with their services. Once they have extended help to you, they will always make sure that you get the service you want. Their approach towards giving the service is exceptional and you can notice that through the way they give the service.

Final word!

So, when you are in search of the best taxi company, look out for these points. In case you are already looking for one, then Sherwood Park Cabs company is the best place to put your trust in the taxi service company. Expect nothing but the best service.