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Exploring The Journey Of Canada

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Exploring The Journey Of Canada

Tourism is the most consequential activity among the people of the country to enwrap themselves in the beauty of the place. Tourism of Canada is known for its culture, diversity historical sites, and national parks. Canada has its variety of incredible places which plausibly attract the tourist from different regions.

Extravaganza is a word that stands for the cities in Canada i.e Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and many more. The range of natural wonders is the exposure to the experience of the tour through the eye of the traveler. Canada has a prominent heritage over the French culture. The experience of the tour shows the celebrative events and festivals on the Canadian land.

Canada is all about exposure. The journey begins from India and the destination is the most celebrative city Canada. Half covered forest land Canada is having more to explore.

I reached Canada, me and my friends we very excited to visit the places in Canada so we decided to book a hotel and then try to take a cab but there was no taxi available so My friend google and saw Sherwood park taxi services so we booked and start our journey. So here the bucket list of Canada starts from the best places through the eye of a viewer.

First, we reach Niagara fall which had an eye-pleasing and elegant view. Such a relaxing experience. The next destination is ours is a Whistler, a hub, and ski resort perfection. At Olympic park activities like ski jumping, snowboarding, snowshoeing are offered the experience is all about adventure on snow. Next, we reached the capital city of Canada, Quebec city authentic lively Frenchs Canadian culture is on its peak and also known for its cobblestone street, European architecture, and rich history. This city explores the French tradition and the European part present in its essence.

Next, we hired Sherwood park cabs and way ahead to the western route of Canada. Where our first destination was Banff National Park, some sort of adventurous activity i.e ranging from hiking to canoeing, skiing through the sunshine village. Lake Louisa is a treat to watch and having a real eye feast with extraordinary turquoise water with the combo of hiking and biking and further enjoy the natural beauty. Next Yoho National Park or Glacier National Park has to visit for waterfall and renowned fossil site for the nautical organism. The weather is of summer and wants to explore more in the winter season.

Sherwood park cabs
Sherwood park cabs

It was the last day of the trip but I can’t come over from the vibes of that place we don’t want to come back but at last, we reached the hotel and hired the Sherwood park cab for back to the pavilion via Edmonton International Airport. The conclusion of the experience was just mesmerizing having more to explore and relaxing through the mind.

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