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How to behave with the cab drivers? Which things should you not do?

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How to behave with the cab drivers? Which things should you not do?

Imagine a situation

You have gone out on a family trip and instead of hiring a flat rate cab, your family wants you to drive the car. Will you feel okay, if they treat you like you do not matter to them or that you should focus only on driving and not in their talks?

I know you won’t since nobody likes to be treated unfairly. Agreed or not?

So how can you even think of behaving in the rude and the most negligible way with the driver?

Don’t Do These Things To Your Sherwood Park Taxi Driver

Don’t be a google map

You are informed that the taxi drivers are equipped with a good GPS which tells them the right and short ways to make the passengers reach their destinations. In that case, you are advised not to do any kind of backseat driving. You should stop instructing the drivers which way they should take. It will not only irritate them but make them feel confused about whom they should follow (Whether GPS or You).

No Rude Behaviour, Please!

We have trained our drivers to patiently handle all kinds of customers since it is a matter of our company’s reputation. Since our drivers are showing a great deal of cooperation with you, then the same thing should be expected from you.

The drivers are not only trained to handle the customers with patience but they are also trained to give the customers smart blunt replies in case somebody tries to be rude to them.

Do not force him to fight

One of our experiences shared by the taxi driver says,

Once the driver along with the riding passenger got stuck in a traffic jam. It was not going to get cleared for about 2 hours. The passenger knew something and instead of cooperating with the driver, he started to force him to repay the money. The driver was in a traffic jam as he had to drop him, otherwise, he would have been on some other route. So how can you expect him to get stuck in a traffic jam for you and repay the money to you as you have changed your mind? Our driver did not pay and the customer slapped him. As we have told us, we have instructed our staff members to be patient and calm in the most extreme situations.

The driver did nothing. Everything got recorded in the Camera placed in the car and the footage was handed over to the police. The rest was sorted by the police officials.

Do not ask them to break the law

The drivers practising in our company are not only the professionals but they are the vigilant citizens as well. They do not break the law and please do not force them to do such things even when you are in a hurry.

No Bargaining

Our drivers render the services with responsibility. They are the ones who will be held accountable if anything goes wrong with the safety and security measures. With so much burden on their mind, they only demand you to pay him the amount he deserved. If your start bargaining for that minimal amount as well, the driver will get frustrated. Please do not make him feel frustrated.