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Sherwood Park Taxi is Sherwood Park’s leading provider of taxi services.  The three fundamental pillars on which Sherwood Park Taxi services were founded are health, efficiency, and professionalism. Our organization boasts an outstanding customer service team, qualified to the highest possible levels as well as drivers with years of experience and clean driving records under their names.

So when you call Sherwood Park Taxi’s service, you can always expect to find a friendly and helpful operator who will help you to order cabs irrespective of your schedule i.e., if you need one as a matter of urgency or plan to book one in advance. We would usually also have a blunt estimation of the arrival time of the cab and as such, we advise our customers to make an early reservation to ensure that they have a cab at the perfect time they want.

Sherwood Park Taxi business is not limited to the corporate market niche alone, as we also represent a wide variety of customers including school kids, senior citizens, airport fliers and errand runners.

We are committed to delivering second to none customer service and using top-class well-maintained cars to perform what the Sherwood Park residents and tourists expect us to do.

Sherwood Park Taxi Services


For first time visitors in city, the last thing you probably want is being taken for a ride by a swindling cab driver who might end up charging extra than a fair amount. We at Sherwood Park taxi understand that some areas experience heavy traffics and as such, we offer our customers flat rates as the typical meter rate is likely to inflate during traffic.


Corporate accounts are ideal for those who book taxis on a regular basis to avoid driving through city that may be sometimes be frustrating due to congestion, limited parking facilities, road restrictions just to mention a few. Thus, opening an account will always ensure that you are able to access taxis 24/7/365 without so much hustle which can be tracked by our telephone operator. 


We have now expanded our taxi services to include a fleet of luxury cars with personable drivers, keeping in mind the luxurious atmosphere of the earlier days. Our cars give users VIP treatment. With quality being our core business aim, we ensure our customers get quality services that are second to none.


You can either use cash or credit cards or debit cards when making payment for our cab services.


Our taxi drivers have undergone all the requisite background checks and what’s more, they are extremely friendly and courteous.


Available in Sherwood Park Area, Sherwood Park Taxi offer corporate accounts to our regular customers that come with comprehensive packages designed to match everyday usage.


Students and Senior Discounts are provided for Sherwood Park Residents .We give discounts to senior citizens as a way of giving back to the community as corporate social responsibility.

Sherwood Park Taxi is the biggest taxi fleet in Sherwood Park and Area.

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