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Taxi Fare: What are the topmost tips to save your money on a taxi ride?

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Taxi Fare: What are the topmost tips to save your money on a taxi ride?

Do you often book a taxi? Are you looking for tips to save your money on the taxi fare? Well! This blog will give you an insight into the top tips to save money on your next taxi ride with Sherwood Park Cabs.

  • Get flat rates

You should get yourself the Flat Rate Cab. in case, you are going for a longer distance then you should call the cab company and ask them about the fixed flat rate. You should tell them you are interested in paying for the flat flare right away. In this scenario, it means that you are paying them beforehand, and this way the company will not have to ask you for the cab fare. Moreover, it will help you save money.

  • Prefer the cash payment method

You should pay the fare in cash and even the taxi drivers do not prefer to be paid with a credit card.

  • Cabs are cheaper as compared to uber

YES! This is true if you are traveling a distance of around 1.40 miles then it is less cheap as compared to uber. What’s the fun of paying more when you can save your money. So, next time you want to travel from one destination to another you should get the cab service.

  • Do not with the after-hours surcharge

In most companies, the after-hours surcharge is there which is done when you travel between 9 p.m to 6 a.m. To make sure this thing is avoided, you should get the ride started before 9 p.m. This way you will be saving money.

  • Do not go during the rush hours

It is better that you do not book your ride during peak traffic hours. The traveling time b/w 7:30 am to 9 a.m to 4:30 p.m to 6 p.m will cost more money in your pocket. This will keep the meter running even in the traffic which is not your fault. So, make sure that you do not travel during these hours.

  • Get the information on weekly and monthly rates

In some cases, you might need to ride the cab daily. Especially, when you are someone who travels to your workplace or any specific location through the cab then it is better that you ask for the weekly and monthly rates. By considering this thing the company can give you a flat rate and this way you will be paying a substantial amount.

  • Get the shortest route

Before the ride starts you should ask the cab driver to take you through the shortest route. Just make sure that you consider the 2 options:

  • Take the shortest route
  • Take the fastest route

This is because every mile covered during the ride will cost you more money. So, the shortest and fastest is the best way to reach the final destination.

  • Give directions

In case, you know some way by which you can reach the destination then you should tell the driver about the same. If you know the shortest way to reach the place you want then why pay for a 7-mile trip when it can be covered in a 5-mile trip.

So, consider the given tips and have the best ride!