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What are the rights of traveling in a taxi for customers and drivers?

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What are the rights of traveling in a taxi for customers and drivers?

Living in a free and democratic country comes with another kind of pleasure and a stress-free situation in all ways. Most importantly, every individual wants to know about their rights or should I say it’s essential for them to know the same. Now there is one particular situation which is an integral part of all our lives and there are certain rights which the person getting the service or giving the service should know about.

Do you know, what am I talking about?

Well! I am talking about traveling…Do you travel often?

The question here is, ‘Which sort of transportation mode do you prefer to choose?’ Especially after the COVID situation, individuals have started to prefer public transportation by all means. If you prefer to Book Flat Rate Sherwood Park Taxi service then it’s essential that you know your rights as a customer and make yourself familiar with the rights of the taxi driver.

What are the rights as a taxi customer?

Here are some of the rights which you should know about as a taxi customer:

  • You have the right to choose which route would you want to take or prefer
  • You have to pay the right amount of taxi fare when you book the Sherwood Park Cabs.
  • It’s your right to see the driver’s identity document & fare calculation device
  • Throughout the drive, it’s essential to wear a seat belt
  • You should not smoke while traveling in a taxi or even drink
  • You should not do anything which damages the vehicle or affects its functionality
  • At all times, the language has to be soft. No need to say anything offensive or unwanted which can hurt the customers.
  • If you want to drive alone then it’s your right to book a sole ride for yourself.
  • No need to make the taxi get stopped in a situation that is unsafe or illegal.
  • You can ask for the taxi fare structure if you want.

What are the rights as a taxi driver?

  • If the driver thinks the customer will cause a nuisance or do something annoying like smoking or drinking then they can cancel the ride or don’t book it
  • They cannot tout or solicit a fare.
  • They must keep the taxi clean, tidy, and neat all the time.
  • If the driver keeps the taxi dirty then they will be charged for the same.
  • They need to obey all the traffic rules all the time.
  • The driver cannot or should not smoke during the ride.
  • The driver cannot behave in a manner that creates a factor of worry for the passenger.
  • The driver is not accountable to ride a person along with them if the hirer (person who booked the taxi) is not comfortable.
  • If the taxi service does not allow taking an animal then they can say no to the same.
  • If there is a need for wheelchair accessible service then say depending on the situation or what sort of car availability is there.

Travel with ease & comfort

Now you know all about the rights of customers & taxi drivers, it’s essential to travel with utmost ease.